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zéi thief / traitor / wily / deceitful / evil / extremely
hǎi zéi pirate
Hǎi zéi wáng One Piece (manga and anime)
dào zéi robber
zéi cuttlefish
zéi old variant of
shān zéi brigand
cháo tide of thought / way of thinking characteristic of a historical period / Zeitgeist
zéi renegade / traitor and bandit
qiè zéi thief
shàng zéi chuán lit. to board a pirate ship (idiom) / fig. to associate with criminals
Zeikowa acuminata
zéi chuán pirate ship / fig. venture of dubious merit / criminal gang / reactionary faction
guó zéi traitor to the nation
zéi (dialect) stingy / miserly / crafty / cunning
zuò zéi xīn to feel guilty as a thief (idiom); to have sth on one's conscience
gǒu zéi (insult) brigand / swindler
luàn chén zéi rebels and traitors (idiom) / general term for scoundrel
pàn zéi renegade / traitor
zéi hǎn zhuō zéi lit. a thief crying "Stop the thief!" (idiom) / fig. to accuse sb of a theft and try to sneak away oneself / to cover up one's misdeeds by shifting the blame onto others

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