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Jiāng Jiang Ziya (c. 1100 BC, dates of birth and death unknown), partly mythical sage advisor to King Wen of Zhou 周文王 and purported author of “Six Secret Strategic Teachings” 六韬, one of the Seven Military Classics of ancient China 武经七书
Jiāng surname Jiang
jiāng variant of
jiāng ginger
  son / child / seed / egg / small thing / 1st earthly branch: 11 p.m.-1 a.m., midnight, 11th solar month (7th December to 5th January), year of the Rat / Viscount, fourth of five orders of nobility 五等爵位 / ancient Chinese compass point: 0° (north) / subsidiary / subordinate / sub-
  zi (noun suffix)
   tooth / ivory / CL:
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