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zhuó luò whereabouts / place to settle / reliable source (of funds etc) / (of responsibility for a matter) to rest with sb / settlement / solution
zhāo (chess) move / trick / all right! / (dialect) to add
zháo to touch / to come in contact with / to feel / to be affected by / to catch fire / to burn / (coll.) to fall asleep / (after a verb) hitting the mark / succeeding in
zhe aspect particle indicating action in progress
zhuó to wear (clothes) / to contact / to use / to apply
  to leave out / to be missing / to leave behind or forget to bring / to lag or fall behind
  lào colloquial reading for in certain compounds
  luò to fall or drop / (of the sun) to set / (of a tide) to go out / to lower / to decline or sink / to lag or fall behind / to fall onto / to rest with / to get or receive / to write down / whereabouts / settlement
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