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huí to circle / to go back / to turn around / to answer / to return / to revolve / Hui ethnic group (Chinese Muslims) / time / classifier for acts of a play / section or chapter (of a classic book)
hòu mian the back; the rear; the last bit / behind; near the end; at the back / later; afterwards
huán to pay back / to return
zhī chí to be in favor of / to support / to back / support / backing / to stand by / CL:
dào to invert; to place upside down or frontside back / to pour out / to tip out; to dump / inverted; upside down; reversed / to go backward / contrary to what one might expect; but; yet
què but / yet / however / while / to go back / to decline / to retreat / nevertheless / even though
bǎo liú to keep / to retain / to have reservations (about sth) / to hold back (from saying sth) / to put aside for later
xiàng back of neck / item / thing / term (in a mathematical formula) / sum (of money) / classifier for principles, items, clauses, tasks, research projects etc
bēi to be burdened / to carry on the back or shoulder
bèi the back of a body or object / to turn one's back / to hide something from / to learn by heart / to recite from memory / unlucky (slang) / hard of hearing
yāo waist / lower back / pocket / middle / loins
wǎng fǎn to go back and forth; to go to and fro; to do a round trip
hòu bèi the back (human anatomy) / the back part of sth
fǎn kuì to send back information / feedback
huì bào to report / to give an account of / to collect information and report back
huí to look back / to review
fǎn to think back over sth / to review / to revisit / to rethink / reflection / reassessment
huó to revive / (lit. and fig.) to come back to life / (religion) resurrection
cuò zhé setback / reverse / check / defeat / frustration / disappointment / to frustrate / to discourage / to set sb back / to blunt / to subdue
gu buttocks / bottom / butt / back part

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