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to survey / to measure / to conjecture
gōng yuán CE (Common Era) / Christian Era / AD (Anno Domini)
book / booklet / classifier for books
the side / to incline towards / to lean / inclined / lateral / side
surname Ce
policy / plan / scheme / bamboo slip for writing (old) / to whip (a horse) / to encourage / riding crop with sharp spines (old) / essay written for the imperial examinations (old) / upward horizontal stroke in calligraphy
variant of
variant of
restroom; toilet; lavatory / (literary) to be mingled with; to be involved in
pointed grass blade / to prick
Sūn Sun Ce (175-200), general and major warlord of the Later Han Dynasty
plant genus Aconitum, aka monkshood or wolf's bane (used as poison and medicine) / Taiwan pr. [ze2]
variant of
variant of

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