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qián coin / money / CL: / unit of weight, one tenth of a tael
méi classifier for coins, rings, badges, pearls, sporting medals, rockets, satellites etc / tree trunk / whip / wooden peg, used as a gag for marching soldiers (old)
tóu zhì to throw sth a long distance / to hurl / to throw at / to throw (dice etc) / to flip (a coin)
quán spring (small stream) / mouth of a spring / coin (archaic)
money / coins / currency / silk
tóu big head / mask in the shape of a big head / the larger end of sth / the main part / the lion's share / dupe / sucker / (old) silver coin with a bust of Yuan Shikai 袁世凯 on the obverse side
qián large sum of money / old Chinese type of coin of high denomination
kǒng fāng xiōng (coll., humorous) money (so named because in former times, Chinese coins had a square hole in the middle)
jīn gold coin
tóng qián copper coin (round with a square hole in the middle, used in former times in China)
yìng coin / CL:
tóu coin-operated / to insert coins
Měi fēn one cent (United States coin)
yín silver coin
blank (e.g. for a coin) / unburnt earthenware / semifinished product / Taiwan pr. [pei1]
tóng bǎn copper coin / copper plate (e.g. for printing)
tián (dialect) money / coin
old coin
wén language / culture / writing / formal / literary / gentle / (old) classifier for coins / Kangxi radical 67
cún qián guàn piggy bank / coin bank / money box

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