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gān dry / dried food / empty; hollow / taken in to nominal kinship; adoptive; foster / futile; in vain / (dialect) rude; blunt / (dialect) to cold-shoulder
yǎn eye / small hole / crux (of a matter) / CL:, / classifier for big hollow things (wells, stoves, pots etc)
to float / superficial / floating / unstable / movable / provisional / temporary / transient / impetuous / hollow / inflated / to exceed / superfluous / excessive / surplus
nest / pit or hollow on the human body / lair / den / place / to harbor or shelter / to hold in check / to bend / classifier for litters and broods
kēng pit; depression; hollow / tunnel; hole in the ground / (archaic) to bury alive / to hoodwink; to cheat (sb)
kōng hollow / emptiness / meaningless
kōng void / hollow / empty
kōng xīn hollow / (of vegetables) to become hollow or spongy inside / (of a basketball) to swish through (not touching the hoop)
zhōng kōng hollow / empty interior
āo xiàn to cave in; hollow; sunken; depressed
jiā céng hollow layer between two solid layers / (architecture) mezzanine
ào depression; cavity; hollow / Taiwan pr. [ao1]
táng (bound form) hollow space
gān xiào to give a hollow laugh / to force a smile / forced laugh / CL:
kōng to excavate / to hollow
kēng hole; hollow; depression / low-lying
to form hollow / pit
gōu cleavage (hollow between a woman's breasts)
ancient ceramic three-legged vessel used for cooking with cord markings on the outside and hollow legs
zhǎng xīn hollow of the palm

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