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dry land (as opposed to the sea)
hǎi height above sea level / elevation
diān to be jolted around (car on a bumpy road, boat on a rough sea, aircraft experiencing turbulence) / (fig.) to undergo a rough experience
hǎi ocean / sea / CL:, / great number of people or things / (dialect) numerous
háng hǎi to sail the seas / maritime navigation / voyage
(bound form) land (as opposed to the sea)
Nán yáng Southeast Asia / South seas
shuǐ xiān narcissus / daffodil / legendary aquatic immortal / refers to those buried at sea / person who wanders abroad and does not return
Běi hǎi Beihai, park in Beijing to the northwest of the Forbidden City / the North Sea (Europe) / Beihai prefecture-level city and seaport in Guangxi / Bohai Sea / Lake Baikal
Nán Hǎi South China Sea
Hǎi wáng Poseidon, Greek god of the sea / Neptune, Roman god of the sea / Aquaman, DC comic book superhero / (slang) womanizer / player
Dōng Hǎi East China Sea / East Sea (Chinese mythology and ancient geography)
hǎi sea / ocean
bīn hǎi coastal / bordering the sea
shā sea-buckthorn
Péng lái Penglai, county-level city in Yantai 烟台, Shandong / Penglai, one of three fabled islands in Eastern sea, abode of immortals / by extension, fairyland
hǎi shī sea lion
zàng shēn to bury a corpse / to be buried / (fig.) to die (at sea, in a fire etc)
· Yuē hàn · Huò jīn John Hawkins (1532-1595), British seaman involved in sea war with Spain / Johns Hopkins (1795-1873), American entrepreneur, abolitionist and philanthropist
hǎi sea area / territorial waters / maritime space

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