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Did you mean: sea sex seek she se sew ?

jiā see 家伙
kàn to see / to look at / to read / to watch / to visit / to call on / to consider / to regard as / to look after / to treat (an illness) / to depend on / to feel (that) / (after verb) to give it a try / Watch out! (for a danger)
kàn jiàn to see / to catch sight of
zài jiàn goodbye / see you again later
sòng to deliver / to carry / to give (as a present) / to present (with) / to see off / to send
qiān see 秋千
qiū see 秋千
jiàn miàn to meet / to see each other / CL:
hán see 可汗, 汗国
qiāng see 抢风
qiè definitely / absolutely (not) / (scoffing or dismissive interjection) Yeah, right. / Tut! / to grind / close to / eager / to correspond to / see also 反切
kuā see 夸克
zhēng see 挣扎
see 薄荷
qiáo to look at / to see / to see (a doctor) / to visit
xiǎng niàn to miss / to remember with longing / to long to see again
rén legal person / corporation / see also 自然人
tóng copper (chemistry) / see also 红铜 / CL:
bàng see 磅秤 scale / platform balance / (loanword) pound (unit of weight, about 454 grams)
zuì to commit an offense / to violate the law / excuse me! (formal) / see also 得罪

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