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zhǎo to try to find / to look for / to call on sb / to find / to seek / to return / to give change
xún to consult / to seek advice / consultation / (sales) inquiry (formal)
xún zhǎo to seek / to look for
zhēng qiú to solicit / to seek / to request (opinions, feedback etc) / to petition
zhuī qiú to pursue (a goal etc) stubbornly / to seek after / to woo
móu qiú to seek / to strive for
gōng jìn seeking instant benefit (idiom); shortsighted vision, looking only for fast return
diagram / picture / drawing / chart / map / CL: / to plan / to scheme / to attempt / to pursue / to seek
yíng for profit / to seek profit
tóu to cast / to send / to throw oneself (into the river etc) / to seek refuge / to place oneself into the hands of
zhāo shāng to seek investment or funding / investment promotion
qiú shēng to seek survival / to possess the will to live
chéng pìn to seek to recruit / to invite job applications from
xún to search / to look for / to seek
qiú zhí to seek employment
móu to plan / to seek / scheme
xún qiú to seek / to look for
访 fǎng (bound form) to visit / to call on / to seek / to inquire / to investigate
yāo to invite / to request / to intercept / to solicit / to seek
shàng jiāo to hand over to / to give to higher authority / to seek connections in high places

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