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shé variant of
shé snake / serpent / CL:
shé to snap / to break (a stick, a bone etc) / (bound form) to sustain a loss (in business)
shè to set up / to arrange / to establish / to found / to display
shè society / group / club / agency / (old) god of the land
TA he or she
shè (literary) to wade across a body of water / (bound form) to experience / to undergo / to be involved / to concern
shè to take in / to absorb / to assimilate / to act for / to take a photo / photo shoot / photo / to conserve (one's health)
(old) third person singular pronoun ("he" or "she") / second person singular pronoun ("you") / (May 4th period) third person singular feminine pronoun ("she") / (Classical Chinese) introductory particle with no specific meaning / that (preceding a noun)
(classical) this, that / he, she, they / (exclamatory final particle) / (initial particle, introduces an opinion)
rén (literary) that person (usually female) / she / one's intended
shè old variant of
shè to shoot / to launch / to allude to / radio- (chemistry)
pào bubble / foam / blister (i.e. skin bubble) / to soak / to steep / to infuse / to dawdle / to shilly-shally / to hang about / to pick up (a girl) / to get off with (a sexual partner) / classifier for occurrences of an action / classifier for number of infusions
shě to give up / to abandon / to give alms
Shè surname She
shě old variant of
shè residence
rén jia other people / sb else / he, she or they / I, me (referring to oneself as "one" or "people")

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