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shū book / letter / document / CL:,, / to write
shù tree / CL: / to cultivate / to set up
shū to lose / to transport / to donate / to enter (a password)
shǔ to count / to count as / to regard as / to enumerate (sb's shortcomings)
shù number / figure / several / CL:
shù to bind / bunch / bundle / classifier for bunches, bundles, beams of light etc / to control
shù to erect / vertical / vertical stroke (in Chinese characters)
shù variant of
shū uncle / father's younger brother / husband's younger brother / Taiwan pr. [shu2]
shǔ (bound form) rat; mouse
shú ripe; mature / thoroughly cooked; done / familiar; acquainted / experienced; skilled / (of sleep etc) deep; profound / also pr. [shou2]
Shǔ short name for Sichuan 四川 province / one of the Three Kingdoms 三国 after the Han dynasty, also called 蜀汉, situated around what is now Sichuan province
shú private school
shū legumes (peas and beans)
shǔ category / genus (taxonomy) / family members / dependents / to belong to / subordinate to / affiliated with / be born in the year of (one of the 12 animals) / to be / to prove to be / to constitute
shù to state / to tell / to narrate / to relate
Shù surname Shu
shǔ heat / hot weather / summer heat
shǔ office / bureau / (Taiwan pr. [shu4]) to sign / to arrange
shǔ potato / yam

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