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suì variant of , year / years old
suì classifier for years (of age) / year / year (of crop harvests)
suì to break down / to break into pieces / fragmentary
suī although / even though
Suí surname Sui
suí to follow / to comply with / varying according to... / to allow / subsequently
Huā lán Hua Mulan, legendary woman warrior (c. fifth century), Northern dynasties folk hero recorded in Sui and Tang literature
尿 suī see 尿
Suí Táng Sui (581-617) and Tang dynasties (618-907)
suì to satisfy / to succeed / then / thereupon / finally / unexpectedly / to proceed / to reach
táng shuǐ syrup / sweetened water / tong sui (sweet soup)
Suí the Sui dynasty (581-617 AD) / surname Sui
Suí Táng Yǎn Dramatized History of Sui and Tang, novel by Qing dynasty author Chu Renhuo 褚人获
zhōng medieval / Middle Ages / Chinese middle antiquity, 3rd to 9th centuries, including Sui and Tang Dynasties / Middle (of a language, e.g. Middle English) / used / second-hand
Tài suì Tai Sui, God of the year / archaic name for the planet Jupiter 木星 / nickname for sb who is the most powerful in an area
Suì abbr. for Guangzhou 广州
suì ear of grain / fringe / tassel
suí to pacify / Taiwan pr. [sui1]
Suī surname Sui
suī to stare

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