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suì classifier for years (of age) / year / year (of crop harvests)
suì variant of , year / years old
suí to follow / to comply with / varying according to... / to allow / subsequently
suì (transitive or intransitive verb) to break into pieces; to shatter; to crumble / broken; fragmentary; scattered / garrulous
suī although / even though
Suí surname Sui
尿 suī (coll.) urine
Suí cháo Sui dynasty (581-617)
suì deep / distant / mysterious
suì tunnel / underground passage
suī name of a river
Suī xiàn Sui county in Shangqiu 商丘, Henan
suí sparrow / revolve / place name
Suī surname Sui
suī to have a deep or piercing gaze
suǐ (bound form) bone marrow; (fig.) innermost part / (botany) pith
suì (tree)
suì fine and loose cloth / tassel
Huā lán Hua Mulan, legendary woman warrior (c. fifth century), Northern dynasties folk hero recorded in Sui and Tang literature
táng shuǐ syrup / sweetened water / tong sui (sweet soup)

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