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Did you mean: to rest to wrest ?

to connect / to arrest / to worry
zhuā to grab / to catch / to arrest / to snatch / to scratch
kòu to fasten / to button / button / buckle / knot / to arrest / to confiscate / to deduct (money) / discount / to knock / to smash, spike or dunk (a ball) / to cover (with a bowl etc) / (fig.) to tag a label on sb / (Tw) (loanword) code
dài to arrest / to apprehend / an arrest
kòu liú to detain / to arrest / to hold / to confiscate
bèi to be arrested / under arrest
tōng to order the arrest of sb as criminal / to list as wanted
zhuā huò to arrest
dài (literary) to arrest / to seize / to overtake / until
to seize / to arrest / Taiwan pr. [qi4]
zhuā zǒu to arrest
sōu to hunt and arrest (fugitives) / to track down and arrest / a manhunt
to arrest / to seize
ruǎn jìn to place under house arrest
xià to arrest / to capture / to seize / to win (a set, a game etc)
zhuō to arrest / to catch a criminal
to authorize an arrest
to arrest / to take into custody
zhēn to track down / to investigate and arrest
to arrest

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