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tǐng straight / erect / to stick out (a part of the body) / to (physically) straighten up / to support / to withstand / outstanding / (coll.) quite / very / classifier for machine guns
ān zhuāng to install / to erect / to fix / to mount / installation
zhī to support / to sustain / to erect / to raise / branch / division / to draw money / classifier for rods such as pens and guns, for army divisions and for songs or compositions
shù to erect / vertical / vertical stroke (in Chinese characters)
zāi to plant; to grow / to insert; to erect (e.g. a bus stop sign) / to impose sth on sb / to stumble; to fall down
tǐng zhí upright; erect / to straighten up (one's back etc); to hold erect
jià shè to construct / to erect
shù zhí vertical / to erect / to set upright / vertical stroke in Chinese characters / young servant (old)
gāo sǒng erect / towering / to stand tall
shù to erect (a tent etc) / to prick up (one's ears) / to raise (one's eyebrows) / to stick up (one's thumb) / to turn up (one's collar) / (of a bird) to puff up (one's feathers)
shù to erect / to set upright / to stand
tǐng to stand erect / to stand upright
gāo sǒng yún tall and erect, reaching through the clouds (idiom); used to describe tall mountain or skyscraper
qiào yìng hard / erect / to be in erection
shù bēi zhuàn lit. to erect a stele and write a biography (idiom) / to monumentalize / to glorify / to sing the praises of
shí gǎn dāng stone tablet erected to ward off evil spirits

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