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Did you mean: to reject to rest to roast to erect to reset ?

fǎn yìng to react / to respond / reaction / response / reply / chemical reaction / CL:
jiǎ suǒ (idiom) to act without taking time to think; to react instantly; to fire from the hip
pěng gén straight man (supporting role in comic dialogue 对口相声) / (of a straight man) to react with exasperation to the silliness of the funny man 逗哏
zhōng shēng zhì quick witted in an emergency / able to react resourcefully
tīng ér wén to hear but not react (idiom); to turn a deaf ear / to ignore deliberately
hài to react to pregnancy by experiencing morning sickness or a strong appetite for certain foods
qiǎng xiǎn emergency (measures) / to react to an emergency

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