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zhù to live / to dwell / to stay / to reside / to stop / (suffix indicating firmness, steadiness, or coming to a halt)
zhù to reside / to dwell / to live in a place / resident in
chǔ to reside / to live / to dwell / to be in / to be situated at / to stay / to get along with / to be in a position of / to deal with / to discipline / to punish
to reside / to be (in a certain position) / to store up / to be at a standstill / residence / house / restaurant / classifier for bedrooms
liú residence / to reside
to reside / to imply / to contain / residence
qiáo emigrant / to reside abroad
zhù jiā residence / household / to reside
chǔ to live / to reside
to make one's home in / to reside in / to inhabit
zhù to live / to reside
zhù jié (of a high official) to temporarily reside overseas (or in another part of the country) on an official posting
qiáo to live far away from one's native place / to reside in a foreign country
luǒ guān Communist Party official whose wife and children have left China to reside in a foreign country
zhù liú to stay / to remain / to linger / (computing) to reside / resident (program etc)

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