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Did you mean: to reign to resist ?

zhí to resign
zhí to leave one's job temporarily (e.g. for study) / to leave one's job; to resign
rèn to resign (a position)
gān xīn to be willing to / to resign oneself to
tīng tiān yóu mìng to submit to the will of heaven / to resign oneself to fate / to trust to luck
to resign / to quit
rèn to believe (sth in relation to oneself) / to regard oneself as / to acknowledge (sth in relation to oneself) / to resign oneself to
rěn tòng ài to resign oneself to part with what one treasures
guān to resign a government post
qǐng to ask sb to resign from a post
lái shùn shòu to resign oneself to adversity (idiom); to grin and bear it / to submit meekly to insults, maltreatment, humiliation etc
guān to dismiss from office / to resign from office
退 yǐn tuì to retire from office / to resign
shù shǒu dài to wait helplessly for death (idiom) / to resign oneself to extinction
xùn wèi to abdicate / to resign a position
xiè zhí to resign from office / to dismiss from office
shǎn to get divorced shortly after marriage / to resign shortly after getting employed
to resign / to dismiss / to decline / to take leave / ballad (archaic poetic genre) / variant of
xiū to request permission to resign from an official position (old)
xiè jiānr lit. a weight off one's shoulders / fig. to resign a post / to lay down a burden / to be relieved of a job

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