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Did you mean: to rest to reside to resign to reset ?

dǎng to resist / to obstruct / to hinder / to keep off / to block (a blow) / to get in the way of / cover / gear (e.g. in a car's transmission)
duì kàng to withstand / to resist / to stand off / antagonism / confrontation
kàng to resist / resistance
fǎn kàng to resist / to rebel
zhì to resist / to boycott / to refuse (to cooperate) / to reject / resistance / refusal
xiāng duì relatively / opposite / to resist / to oppose / relative / vis-a-vis / counterpart
kàng to resist / to defy / to oppose
kàng zhēng to resist / to make a stand and fight (against)
dǎng to resist / to hold back / to stop / to ward off / to withstand
dǎng to stop / to resist / to obstruct
to resist / to withstand
shì dāng impossible to resist (idiom); an irresistible force
(bound form) to defend; to resist
kàng to resist / to fight / to defy / anti-
to resist / to repel / to refuse
(bound form) enemy / (bound form) to be a match for; to rival / (bound form) to resist; to withstand
qiǎng rěn to resist (with great difficulty)
kàng to resist (an aggressor) / to oppose (a menace)
kàng to resist Japan (esp. during WW2) / anti-Japanese (esp. wartime activities)
zhāo jià to resist; to ward off; to hold one's own

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