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to exhale slowly / to hiss / hush!
must / to have to / to wait
beard / mustache / feeler (of an insect etc) / tassel
(bound form) order; sequence / (bound form) introductory; initial / preface
to raise (animals)
to continue / to replenish
emptiness / void / abstract theory or guiding principles / empty or unoccupied / diffident or timid / false / humble or modest / (of health) weak / virtual / in vain
dawn / rising sun
to store up / to grow (e.g. a beard) / to entertain (ideas)
Táng shū same as 旧唐书, History of the Early Tang Dynasty, sixteenth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, compiled under Liu Xu 刘昫 in 945 during Later Jin 后晋 of the Five Dynasties, 200 scrolls
surname Xu
all / assist / to store
abbr. for Syria 叙利亚
to narrate / to chat
beginnings / clues / mental state / thread
to require / to need / to want / necessity / need
Kāng qiáo Cambridge (city), from a poem by Xu Zhimo 徐志摩
a kind of jade
surname Xu

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