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(literary) (conjunction used to express contrast with a previous clause) but; then / (bound form) standard; norm / (bound form) principle / (literary) to imitate; to follow / classifier for written items
pool / pond / (of metals etc) luster / favor or beneficence / damp / moist
duty / responsibility / to reproach / to blame
(literary) to bite; to gnaw
to tilt / narrow / uneasy / oblique tones (in Chinese poetry)
haste / to press
reed mat
to select / to choose / to pick over / to pick out / to differentiate / to eliminate / also pr. [zhai2]
(interj. of admiration or of disgust) / to click one's tongue / to attempt to (find an opportunity to) speak
afternoon / decline
board under tiles on roof / narrow
turban / head-covering
to bite
used in 舴艋
(old) spear
Japanese variant of
variant of
Japanese variant of

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