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zhāi to take; to pick (flowers, fruit etc); to pluck; to remove; to take off (glasses, hat etc) / to select; to pick out / to borrow money at a time of urgent need
zhài debt / CL:
zhǎi narrow / narrow-minded / badly off
zhài stronghold / stockade / camp / (stockaded) village
Zhái surname Zhai
zhāi to fast or abstain from meat, wine etc / vegetarian diet / study room / building / to give alms (to a monk)
Zhài surname Zhai
zhái residence / (coll.) to stay in at home / to hang around at home
zhài variant of
zhāi old variant of
zhài focus of tubercular infection
zhāi Japanese variant of
zhāi lean on one side
Zhái Zhì gāng Zhai Zhigang (1966-), Chinese astronaut

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