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zhāi to take / to borrow / to pick (flowers, fruit etc) / to pluck / to select / to remove / to take off (glasses, hat etc)
zhǎi narrow / narrow-minded / badly off
Zhài surname Zhai
zhái residence / (coll.) to stay in at home / to hang around at home
zhāi lean on one side
zhài debt / CL:
Zhái surname Zhai
zhài stronghold / stockade / camp / (stockaded) village
zhāi to fast or abstain from meat, wine etc / vegetarian diet / study room / building / to give alms (to a monk)
zhài variant of
zhāi old variant of
zhāi Japanese variant of
zhài focus of tubercular infection
Zhái Zhì gāng Zhai Zhigang (1966-), Chinese astronaut

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