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zhǎo to try to find / to look for / to call on sb / to find / to seek / to return / to give change
zhào according to / in accordance with / to shine / to illuminate / to reflect / to look at (one's reflection) / to take (a photo) / photo / as requested / as before
zhào variant of / to shine / to illuminate
zháo to touch / to come in contact with / to feel / to be affected by / to catch fire / to burn / (coll.) to fall asleep / (after a verb) hitting the mark / succeeding in
zhāo to recruit / to provoke / to beckon / to incur / to infect / contagious / a move (chess) / a maneuver / device / trick / to confess
zhào to cover; to spread over / a cover; a shade; a hood / bamboo fish trap / bamboo chicken coop / (Tw) (coll.) to protect; to have sb's back / (Tw) (coll.) awesome; incredible / (Tw) (coll.) (often as 罩得住) to have things under control; to be able to handle it
zhāo a move in chess (Taiwan pr. [zhuo2]) / trick; tactic / (dialect) okay; all right / (dialect) to put in; to add
zhào to call together / to summon / to convene / temple or monastery (used in place names in Inner Mongolia)
Zhào surname Zhao / one of the seven states during the Warring States period (476-220 BC) / the Former Zhao 前赵 (304-329) and Later Zhao 后赵 (319-350), states of the Sixteen Kingdoms
zhào to surpass (old)
zhǎo pond / pool
zhāo morning
Zhào surname Zhao
zhào (bound form) omen / to foretell / million; mega- / (Tw) trillion; tera- / (old) billion
zhào (literary) to admonish / (bound form) imperial edict
zhāo bright / clear / manifest / to show clearly
zhǎo foot of a bird or animal / paw / claws / talons
Zhào Xiàn Zhao County in Shijiazhuang 石家庄, Hebei
zhāo to encourage / to cut / to strain
Yān Zhào Yan and Zhao, two of the Warring States in Hebei and Shanxi / beautiful women / women dancers and singers

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