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zhōu prefecture / (old) province / (old) administrative division / state (e.g. of US) / oblast (Russia) / canton (Switzerland)
zhōu boat
zhōu congee / gruel / porridge / CL:
Xuē surname Xue / vassal state during the Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BC)
Zhōu gōng Duke of Zhou (11th c. BC), son of King Wen of Zhou 周文王, played an important role as regent in founding the Western Zhou 西周, and is also known as the "God of Dreams"
zhòu eternity / (geology) eon
Wèi surname Wei / name of vassal state of Zhou dynasty from 661 BC in Shanxi, one of the Seven Hero Warring States / Wei state, founded by Cao Cao 曹操, one of the Three Kingdoms after the Han dynasty / the Wei dynasty 221-265 / Wei prefecture and Wei county at different historical periods
zhòu to wrinkle / wrinkled / to crease
Yān Yan, a vassal state of Zhou in modern Hebei and Liaoning / north Hebei / the four Yan kingdoms of the Sixteen Kingdoms, namely: Former Yan 前燕 (337-370), Later Yan 后燕 (384-409), Southern Yan 南燕 (398-410), Northern Yan 北燕 (409-436) / surname Yan
Wèi surname Wei / vassal state during the Zhou Dynasty (1066-221 BC), located in present day Henan and Hebei Provinces
Ba state during Zhou dynasty (in east of modern Sichuan) / abbr. for east Sichuan or Chongqing / surname Ba / abbr. for Palestine or Palestinian / abbr. for Pakistan
zhǒu elbow / pork shoulder
Zhòu surname Zhou
zhòu (literary) seal script used throughout the pre-Han period / to recite / to read (aloud)
zhóu axis / axle / spool (for thread) / roller (for scrolls) / classifier for calligraphy rolls etc
zhòu see 压轴戏 / Taiwan pr. [zhou2]
zhòu incantation / magic spell / curse / malediction / to revile / to put a curse on sb
tāo tiè ferocious mythological animal, the fifth son of the dragon king / zoomorphic mask motif, found on Shang and Zhou ritual bronzes / gluttonous / sumptuous (banquet)
Qi, a Zhou Dynasty vassal state / surname Qi
jīng chaste tree or berry (Vitex agnus-castus) / alternative name for the Zhou Dynasty state of Chu 楚国

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