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Did you mean: zhi zhu zhuo zhai zui zhou ?

zhuī to chase / to pursue / to look into / to investigate / to reminisce / to recall / to court (one's beloved) / to binge-watch (a TV drama) / retroactively / posthumously
zhuì to fall / to drop / to weigh down
zhuī spine
zhuì to sew / to stitch together / to combine / to link / to connect / to put words together / to compose / to embellish
zhuì superfluous / redundant / cumbersome / refers to a son-in-law living with wife's family
Zhuī surname Zhui
zhuī (literary) piebald horse
zhuì iodide / to weight
zhuì anxious / worried
zhuì vase with a small mouth
zhuī snipe / turtle-dove
zhuì circle shrines and make sacrifices
zhuī cone / awl / to bore
zhuì to let down with a rope
zhuī short-tailed bird
zhuì swelling of foot

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