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zuò to make; to produce / to write; to compose / to do; to engage in; to hold (a party etc) / (of a person) to be (an intermediary, a good student etc); to become (husband and wife, friends etc) / (of a thing) to serve as; to be used for / to assume (an air or manner)
zuò to sit / to take a seat / to take (a bus, airplane etc) / to bear fruit / variant of
zuò seat / base / stand / (archaic) suffix used in a respectful form of address, e.g. 师座 / CL: / classifier for buildings, mountains and similar immovable objects
zuō worker / workshop / (slang) troublesome / high-maintenance (person)
zuò to do; to engage in / to write; to compose / to pretend; to feign / to regard as; to consider to be / to be; to act the part of / to feel (itchy, nauseous etc) / writings; works
Zuǒ surname Zuo
Zuò surname Zuo
zuò azole (chemistry)
zuǒ left / the Left (politics) / east / unorthodox / queer / wrong / differing / opposite / variant of
zuó yesterday
zuó cable
zuó used in 琢磨 / Taiwan pr. [zhuo2]
zuǒ Cantonese particle equivalent to or
zuò straw cushion / pillow
zuò blessing / the throne
Zuǒ Zhuàn Zuo Zhuan or Tsochuan, Mr Zuo's Annals or Mr Zuo's commentary on 春秋, early history c. 400 BC attributed to famous blind historian Zuo Qiuming 左丘明
zuò to grant or bestow / sacrificial flesh offered to the gods (old) / blessing / title of a sovereign (old)
zuò oak / Quercus serrata
zuò ashamed
zuó to seize / Taiwan pr. [zu2]

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