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Did you mean: zhuo zao suo zu zui so ?

zuò to do / to make / to produce / to write / to compose / to act as / to engage in / to hold (a party) / to be / to become / to function (in some capacity) / to serve as / to be used for / to form (a bond or relationship) / to pretend / to feign / to act a part / to put on appearance
zuò to sit / to take a seat / to take (a bus, airplane etc) / to bear fruit / variant of
zuò seat / base / stand / (archaic) suffix used in a respectful form of address, e.g. 师座 / CL: / classifier for buildings, mountains and similar immovable objects
zuō worker / workshop / (slang) troublesome / high-maintenance (person)
zuò to do / to grow / to write or compose / to pretend / to regard as / to feel / writings or works
zuó yesterday
Zuǒ surname Zuo
zuǒ left / the Left (politics) / east / unorthodox / queer / wrong / differing / opposite / variant of
Zuò surname Zuo
zuò azole (chemistry)
zuǒ to assist / assistant / aide / to accompany
Shí sān jīng the Thirteen Confucian Classics, namely: Book of Songs 诗经, Book of History 尚书, Rites of Zhou 周礼, Rites and Ceremonies 仪礼, Classic of Rites 礼记, Book of Changes 易经, Mr Zuo's Annals 左传, Mr Gongyang's Annals 公羊传, Mr Guliang's Annals 谷梁传, The Analects 论语, Erya 尔雅, Classic of Filial Piety 孝经, Mencius 孟子
zuò blessing / the throne
Zuǒ Zhuàn Zuo Zhuan or Tsochuan, Mr Zuo's Annals or Mr Zuo's commentary on 春秋, early history c. 400 BC attributed to famous blind historian Zuo Qiuming 左丘明
zuó see 琢磨
zuō (coll.) to suck
sān xiǔ the three imperishables, three ways to distinguish oneself that aren't forgotten by history: through one's virtue 立德, one's service 立功 and one's writings 立言 (from the Zuo Zhuan 左传)
zuò ashamed
zuǒ Cantonese particle equivalent to or
zuò steps leading to the eastern door

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